Helpful Hints for Reading Workshop

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST
at The Dyslexia Resource Center | Tutor Eau Claire
628 Muller Avenue
Columbia, SC 29203

This FREE workshop is designed to offer support and meaningful instruction for parents, educators and tutors working with pre-readers, beginning and struggling readers, as well as those diagnosed with Dyslexia or Specific Learning Disability (SLD).

Introduction to ‘Helpful Hints for Reading’: Learn the code that builds the English language & offers a map for emerging readers to unlock the written word. This session uses our Helpful Hints for Reading manual to explore letter sounds, the 6 syllable types (with an emphasis on Open, Closed & -VCe) and the three most common dividing patterns (V.CV, VC.V and VC.CV).

Dyslexia Simulation: Experience what it feels like to be a struggling reader. Learn the basics of multi-sensory education, why this approach is useful for all students and a necessity for dyslexic learners.

Registration Required: Please register below if you plan to attend. Dates with available seating will be reflected in the drop-down menu.

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