Assessments & Referrals

We know how important it is to find helpful resources when your child is struggling in school. We want to help.  


Informal baseline

The Dyslexia Resource Center offers informal baseline assessments of foundational skills that are often associated with dyslexia.

A battery of carefully selected assessments are used to determine where a student’s breakdown with reading skills is beginning and how to best support the student’s learning. Results of these assessments allow the DRC to make recommendations for each student based on their specific needs.

Assessments usually take 60-75 minutes. It is recommended that siblings be left at home to minimize distractions to the student and the assessor.

The cost of an informal baseline assessment is $150. This includes a written report with recommendations and resources that is generally sent to parents within two weeks of the appointment.

Scholarships are available. (Click Here to apply.)

The informal baseline assessment is required for a student to be enrolled or placed on a wait list for services at the Dyslexia Resource Center.

Formal Psycho-educational Evaluations

A diagnosis of Dyslexia can only be made through a psycho-educational evaluation which must be conducted by a licensed psychologist, speech-language pathologist or other qualified medical professional.  An evaluation can help to reveal Learning Disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia), executive functioning issues, and other social-emotional or learning difficulties.  

What does a formal evaluation include?

A typical evaluation includes an initial parent interview session where the child’s developmental, medical, family and educational history are discussed.  School records may be reviewed and parents and teachers are often asked to complete an educational/behavioral questionnaire.

Next, the child participates in several hours of individually administered testing.  Testing may include measures of intellectual ability, reading accuracy and fluency, written expression and spelling, math calculation and application, memory and executive functioning skills, phonological processing, reading comprehension, and social-emotional skills.

Cost of this service varies upon provider.


Referrals for formal testing

You may wish to seek out a psycho-educational evaluation to assist your child in receiving therapy services at school, accommodations and to guide interventions.

Your local public school district may provide this type of service at no expense to you, or we can assist in giving you referrals to providers in our community who may offer this service for a fee.

Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) offers information on the Right to an Evaluation of a Child for Special Ed Services.