Join us on Tuesday, May 7th for Midlands Gives!

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Midlands gives 2019 -

Please join us on May 7th for an amazing day of giving!


Dear Friends,

Your prayers and support continue to make a difference for struggling readers throughout the Midlands! Because of your generosity, the Dyslexia Resource Center programs have continued to expand and reach families from all walks of life that need help for their struggling readers and the educators who teach them. We anticipate working with over 500 families and training over 50 educators this year – yet many more need help. As with most things, our work requires both time and funding.

For the past five years, supporters like you have joined us in raising funds for the annual Midlands Gives event. This year Midlands Gives will be held on Tuesday, May 7th from 6:00 a.m. until 11:59:59 p.m. Your generous support on this day will make a meaningful difference to struggling readers across the Midlands. We use the funds raised to subsidize our already deeply discounted rates so that all families have access to our services, regardless of income.

Every gift made through between April 23rd and May 7th helps our chances of winning bonus prizes ranging from $250 to $5,000. With many prizes being awarded throughout the day, our chances to maximize your gift are great.  A generous donor has offered matching funds for the first $4,000 we raise through Midlands Gives!  Please help ensure this goal is met by giving today at

Make your gift on May 7th by visiting and remind your friends & family, too! Follow us on Facebook at so you can share in the excitement of this amazing day of giving. 

Until everyone can read,

The Dyslexia Resource Center Family


Q. What is Midlands Gives?
A. Midlands Gives is in its 6th year as a local 24-hour online giving challenge, presented by Central Carolina Community Foundation.  Contributions for Midlands Gives benefit your favorite causes and organizations right here in the Midlands. Gifts made on this day have the potential to go further as a result of prizes and special matching gifts!  This year's Day of Giving will be held on May 1st.

Q. How do I donate?
To participate, simply click on the Midlands Gives icons to be directed to Dyslexia Resource Center's giving page at Complete the giving form for the Dyslexia Resource Center and make a tax-deductible donation using your credit or debit card ($20 minimum).